My name is Veronika Desi. I’m from Borobudur, Magelang. I have passion for anything that allows me to be creative. My current activities are Creating Content, Travel Blogging. Now, I’m using this blog as my creative outlet  to express myself and inspire others.

Get to know me better :

1. I love to travel and do travel photography. Traveling can add new experiences, new friends, new stories and new knowledge. Because I don’t want to age without a story.

2. I create a content for brand online and company as an influencer.

3. I am coffee addicted.

4. I have a dream to travel to Japan. I don’t know  if it will come true or just an imagination. But with effort, intention and prayer I believe I can. Because God is always with me. And I’m sure that the universe will hear and come to realize this.

5. I participated in Magelang Tourism Ambassador and I’m now a member of Genpi Magelang. I’m happy and proud because I can actively participate in promoting and introducing tourism in Magelang and its surroundings. It’s such a huge passion of mine to share the experience of traveling to various fascinating destinations, which can can provide information on tourist attractions and also access to it.

6. Life is an adventure. That is the motto of my life. Because life is indeed an adventurethat must be faced, enjoyed, be passed and grateful.

7. I believe if there is one thing that you should be in this world, you should choose to be kind. I believe that one person can change the world with their actions.

With this blog, I want to share my bits and pieces of tips, knowledge and experience regarding traveling, lifestyle, creative content, Social Media and collaborating with brands. I hope my blog gives you insight to my world and inspire you to be passionate in all that you do.


With love




Participant in selection of Magelang Tourism Ambassador in 2018.

I had participated in the Magelang Tourism Ambassador Election in 2018. But I only entered the stage of training, written test and interviews. For me, this failure triggers my enthusiasm which would enable me to make a contribution to introduce tourism in Magelang and Indonesia even though it does not have the title of Tourism Ambassador.

Collaborate with PT. Taman Wisata Candi Borobudur, Prambanan & Ratu Boko in 2018.

At the end of 2018, I collaborated with PT.Borobudur Temple Tourism Park. I explored Borobudur Temple Park. I made videos, photos and post on my Instagram, YouTube and website.


Collaborate with Manohara Resto in 2018.

I also collaborated with Manohara Resto. I enjoyed the sunrise and got free facilities. After that I made a review on the website and made videos and photos.

Fam Trip Millennial Generation Tangerang City in 2018.

I got an interesting opportunity as I was invited by the Tangerang City Tourism Office to attend the ‘Millennial Generation Fam Trip’ event. I explored Tangerang city tour with others.

Collaborate with Siberkreasi, Kementrian Kominfo dan Metro TV on Creator Generation program in 2019.

I had another amazing experience collaborating with Siberkreasi, Ministry of Communication and Information and MetroTV in the Creator Generation program. Here I am the Travel Content Creator resource person.

Teacher and Social Media Creator at Xavier Remiel Inernational Preschool

Besides Travel Blogger, I have experience as a teacher at an International Preschool since 2015. I have experience in assisting at Nursery Class, Kindergarten 1&2 and main teacher in Toddler Class. I am also the Social Media content creator of the preschool.

Collaborate with Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy

This is a wonderful experience. An extraordinary achievement in 2020. I can collaborate with the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy on the Trip Of Wonders.



Make a lot of stories and experiences.




Art is a verb. Art is an expression of our thoughts.

Video & Photography

Video and photo always make story.


I’m obssesed with coffee. I know… I know It’s cliche.


1. Best Content Creator Category Traveling. Creator Generation Program. (Siberkreasi, Kemen Kominfo and Metro TV).

2. Best Participant. Coffee Knowledge & Training Course. Dikopikita (Budaya Kopi Indonesia).

3. Best Concept Makeup Class. Sangsang Univid Trisakti.

4. 1st Winner Photo Competition Ellips Haircare #GakTakutRusak.

5. 2nd Winner Photo Competition @beraniberencana.

6. Winner Video Challenge @herboristaloevera.

7. 1st Winner ‘Making Bed’ Competition. Hospitality Training.

8. Winner Video Competition Activity #AsWomanICan.

9. Nominated at Fast Track Video Magelang Tourism Ambassador.


Frateran Senior High School Malang

Social Science


Trisakti School of Multimedia Jakarta

Bachelor’s Degree in Teknologi Grafika